Bitnamuun is a group of non-professional performers of the KUD Ponor (Cultural Association) with the main focus on exploration of physical dialogue. Its beginnings go back to classes at the Intact dance studio, more specifically to classes of floor techniques, at the time led by dancer and choreographer Jana Menger.

In 2006 the group decided to work together intensively and started working toward their first performance Playground. In October 2007 the group started to work independently. Thus began a creative process of production of new performances with established professionals from the fields of contemporary dance, physical theatre and drama. This brought about mutual collaboration and exchange of movements, voices and ideas leading to several stage productions.

Bitnamuun works independently on all aspects of their performances – the entire creative process as well as the production itself. Its shows are always engaged in a social critique, focusing especially on problems of migration, gender, democracy, human rights, etc. Apart from the creative process, the group’s main focus is developing dance and performance techniques.

Current and ex members of Bitnamuun are Hana Alhady, Matic Bobnar, Alja Bulič, Maša Ceglar, Tanja Cirman, Nina Djekić, Katja Florjanc, Tea Grahek, Manca Kaliman, Urša Kanjir, Bernarda Kristan, Tini Rozman, Urša Sterle, Ines Šimunić, Slavko Trivković, Andreja Vezovnik, Miha Vlaj.