(production Bitnamuun, Intakt and Dance Theatre Ljubljana)

Playground, the first independent performance of the group, is the result of an inductive process of movement exploration of each individual performer. It merges elements of physical theatre and various techniques of contemporary dance and is at the same time a collection of individual contributions which make it a compactly presented choreographic whole. The performers are not only creators of movements, they also produced the performance as a whole and equipped it with original music by Miha Vlaj. Playground was produced under professional guidance of the dancer and choreographer Jana Menger, created and performed by Alja Bulič, Maša Ceglar, Tanja Cirman, Nina Djekić, Bernarda Kristan, Urša Sterle, Andreja Vezovnik and Miha Vlaj. Following the premiere in June 2007 at the Dance Theatre Ljubljana, the production saw three reprises (Dance Theatre Ljubljana, LaSolei Festival). In October 2007 Playground was selected for the Slovene festival of dance creativity of the young – Živa 2007 and was staged in the Kosovel Hall of Cankarjev dom cultural centre as one of the main events of the festival.    

Premiere: 7 Jun 2007, Dance Theatre Ljubljana

Reprises: 14 Jul 2007, LaSolei Festival; 20 Oct 2007, Cankarjev dom – Živa 2007 festival

24 Men and 4 Horses
(production Bitnamuun and Dance Theatre Ljubljana)

This miniature performance produced with professional guidance of the dancer and choreographer Jana Menger is a stage production followed by a film. Technically it draws mainly from the elements of physical theatre and uses movement material created through the technique of contact improvisation. The production is based on an inductive process in which dancers have a lot of space for expression of their movement preferences and possibilities for exploration of their bodily and movement horizons. It is an exploration of the physical contact between dancers, an insight into collective movement and functioning of bodies, pair work and exploration of contemporary theatre elements. The basic principle for the production is the technique of guided improvisation. The stage part of the production is supported by live original music by Peter Gale.    

Apart from the movement material created in the dance hall and performed on stage, a short dance film made by Tomaž Gorkič, set in old abandoned railway carriages, is also a part of the project. Its purpose is to explore the relationship between the physicality of the body and spaciousness of an unusual, abandoned industrial environment, which triggers various feelings and emotions in the dancer and the viewer. Each of the spaces or railway carriages has its’ own mise-en-scène-esque characteristics. Some stir in us disgust, some anxiety, others a feeling of helplessness and a desire to be free, some indifference, playfulness, others romance or leisure. The film presents movement material partly transferred from the dance floor to this austere space, and partially created on the set itself; as such it explores the relationship between the movement in the sterile geometrical space of a dance hall, and the movement created in a rough, authentic environment where each element of the mise-en-scène can actively be incorporated into the story.  

Created by Alja Bulič, Maša Ceglar, Tanja Cirman, Nina Djekić, Urša Kanjir, Bernarda Kristan, Urša Sterle, Ines Šimunić, Andreja Vezovnik and Miha Vlaj.

Premiere: Dance Theatre Ljubljana, 3 Sept 2008

Reprises: Dance Theatre Ljubljana – the opening of the Živa 2008 dance festival, 23 Oct 2008; Red Districts festival, 13 Jun 2009; Trnfest, 29 Jul 2009

Oh, Janez! Pink is for Barbies
(production Bitnamuun and Dance Theatre Ljubljana)

A miniature dance performance created with mentor, dancer and choreographer, Rosana Hribar, premiered in March 2008 at the Dance Theatre Ljubljana as part of the Dance Lab project. This miniature performance is a conglomerate of dance, movement and theatre techniques. It was created with the purpose to explore the dialogue between movement and voice. Movement sequences include texts produced by performers themselves using the technique of associations. It is partially an inductive process of movement and text exploration of each individual performer, complemented and integrated by the choreographer. The performance is a reflection of contemporary society and popular culture which are directed toward unification, uniformity and limiting of a contemporary individual. A space for individual imagination, creativity and subversion, however, only appears to exist which is reflected in stiff robotic movements, their numerous repetitions, integrated synchronized movement of the group of dancers, monotonous speech, uniformed costumes and other ways of expressing of ordinariness in general.

The performers are: Alja Bulič, Maša Ceglar, Tanja Cirman, Nina Djekić, Urša Kanjir, Bernarda Kristan, Urša Sterle, Andreja Vezovnik and Miha Vlaj.

Premiere: Dance Theatre Ljubljana, 20 Mar 2008

Reprises: Dance Theatre Ljubljana – opening of the Živa 2008 dance festival, 23 Oct 2008; Red Districts festival, 13 Jun 2009; Trnfest, 29 Jul 2009

Who’s Got Broken Shoes?
(production Kud Ponor – Bitnamuun, Dance Theatre Ljubljana, Anna Lindh Foundation, JSKD)

»Now a naked and barefoot man feels that all his nerves and tendors are severed: he is helpless prey. Clothes, even the foul clothes distributed, even the crude clogs with their wooden soles, are tenuous but indispensable defense. Anyone who does not have them no longer perceives himself as a human being but rather as a worm: naked, slow, ignoble, prone on the ground. He knows that he can be crushed at any moment.« (Primo Levi)

Who’s Got Broken Shoes? explores the relationships of an individual toward authority and fellow human beings. The performance focuses on exploration of the field which can be found between ‘those with shoes’, actively functioning within the society, and ‘those barefoot’ who are cast out of the society like banished animals. We are interested in the space in-between, a space of the ‘people with broken shoes’, i.e. those the system tries to integrate completely, however, in the given system of opression they are still capable of finding a gap which frees them.

Dancers and creators of the performance: Matic Bobnar, Alja Bulič, Tanja Cirman, Nina Djekić, Katja Florjanc, Urša Kanjir, Bernarda Kristan, Urša Sterle, Ines Šimunić and Andreja Vezovnik.

Professional guidance: Jana Menger and Boris Kos

Music by Smetnjak

Based on Primo Levi’s The Drowned and the Saved

Special thanks to Branko Potočan, Miha Vlaj, Maša Ceglar, Katarina Kokalj, Tomaž Bevk, Sinja Ožbolt and Dance Theatre Ljubljana.

Production: Ponor Cultural Association, 2009

Premiere: 24 Jun 2009 at 9 p.m., Dance Theatre Ljubljana

Table for 4
(production Kud Ponor – Bitnamuun, Španski borci, JSKD)

In this intermediate place there are numbers of separate sequences leading each other, energetic motive swings and fragments of everyday life, transformed into theatrical scenes. The group is strongest in motive-dance scenes, dance actions which otherwise remind on Potočan’s dance expression with a tendency of outer, sporty, acrobatic movement, which sometimes works almost spectacular, and the use of objects, this time four simple wooden tables, which in its generality and simplicity offer a wide range of scenographic-requisite functionality. … Physically strong and intensive are also contacts among the dancers/performers themselves, who, though they drive material from everyday recognizable situations, represent the group itself as strong, dynamic motive totality, which reflects the certainty of achieved move and strong background of research of physical contact between the dancers and movement of the bodies both in pairs and in a group.

Choreographers/directors: Jana Menger, Branko Potočan, Magdalena Reiter, Irena Tomažin and Sebastijan Horvat

Performers/dancers/co-creators: Andreja Vezovnik, Tini Rozman, Bernarda Kristan, Matic Bobnar, Slavko Trivković, Tanja Cirman, Katja Florjanc, Urša Kanjir, Ines Šimunić, Alja Bulič.

Premiere: Španski borci, 2011 (Reprises: Španski boric, Jauary 2011, Test festival, April 2012, Zagreb)

Word eats meat (part 1 and 2)
(production Kud Ponor – Bitnamuun, ZRC Sazu, Goga)

The show explores the translation of two poems written by the Slovenian avandgard poet Tomaž Šalamun from a language of a poet in the language of a performer. The poem becomes performed and alive with dance, movement and voice. It gets intertextualized and therefore different, translated, de-sanitized, it changes its genre. At the end of the show Tomaž Šalamun said “I am really shocked.”

Performers and creators: Matic Bobnar, Urša Kanjir, Maša Ceglar, Ines Šimunić, Tini Rozman, Bernarda Kristan, Andreja Vezovnik,

Director/Coreographer: Irena Tomažin

November 2011.

(production Kud Ponor, Municipality of Velenje, JSKD)

Velestroj is a short movie directed by Tomaž Štrucl and performed and created by Bitnamuun in collaboration with the choreographer Jana Menger. The movie was shot in less than one day at the industrial town of Velenje (Slovenia) with the intention to challenge Velenje’s ecological problems caused by the heavy industry. The movie is a satirical parody of a group of people and their journey around the town with an old washing machine at the centre of the story. Velenje is the hometown of one of the most internationally successful companies –Gorenje, producing home electronics, a brand and a trademark of socialist quality and post-socialist success.


Creators and performers: Urša Kanjir, Matic Bobnar, Anderja Vezovnik, Bernarda Kristan, Katja Florjanc, Tini Rozman, Tanja Cirman, Alja Bulič, Ines Šimunić.

Director: Tomaž Štrucl

Choreography consulting: Jana Menger

September 2012, Velenje

(production Kud Ponor – Bitnamuun, “Vstop prost” Festival, ZDSLU Gallery, JSKD, Anna Lindh)

“We will see how imagination works, when a creature finds the smallest shelter: we will see, how imagination builds “walls” with impalpable shadows, it grows with an illusion of protection – or, contrary, it trembles for fat walls, it doubts in the most solid walls. A protected creature sensibilize the boundaries of its shelter. The house is experienced in its reality and virtuality with a help of thoughts and dreams. As real houses of memories, houses in which we are returned by our dreams, houses full of faithful onirisms, that elude any description (Gaston Bachelard).

»Postaja(lišča)« is an experimental show that takes the audience to a journey through emptied and intimate places of a performer’s home. The show is composed by a succession of scenes each taking place in a different place of what seems to be the house inhabited by different performers and their performances. Visiting different rooms allows the audience to put together a story and to feel the atmosphere. This intimate show explores feelings and practices of leaving, leaving spaces and places, leaving ones home that always leaves us with memories and traces that the ones leaving leave behind.

Performers/creators: Alja Bulič, Katja Florjanc, Bernarda Kristan, Tini Rozman, Ines Šimunić, Andreja Vezovnik and Jasmina Založnik

Sound: Gregor Kuhar and Tini Rozman

Choreography consulting: Jana Menger

Scenography and graphics: Ines Šimunić

June, 2013, Ljubljana

Izhod za silo / Vhod_na moč aka In-between
(production Kud Ponor Bitnamuun, MOL, Anna Lindh Foundation, JSKD)

The show is dedicated to the complicated entanglement of “Med-Zwischen-Honey”. Bitnamuun is searching for places and spaces “in between”. It is interested in what is and happens “in between”, it is interested in the ethics of the movement happening between inside and outside, between two and three, between before and after, in between speech. It explores the black and white gaze used by people to understand the world around them. The show is on journey. The audience and the performers are involved in imaginative escapades in spaces of in-between-ness.

Zum, zum, zum…

Premiere: 28. November, (other shows: 29. in 30. November 2013) in Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana

Autors: Bitnamuun, Ivan Mijačević

Performers/Authors: Alja Bulič, Tea Grahek, Urša Kanjir, Bernarda Kristan, Ines Šimunić, Andreja Vezovnik

Support: danceCO

Narrations: Rok Grča

Sound: Jaka Berger

Light design: Tomaž Štrucl

Graphic design: I&B

Support: Ivan Mijačević and Aleš Zorec for danceCO

Producer: Jasmina Založnik

Thanks to: Katja Florjanc, Jana Menger, Ivan Mijačević, Branko Potočan, Tini Rozman, Polona Torkar, Mira, Mun.

Production partner: Zavod Bunker, Ljubljana

Motions to promised lands at European Night of Theatre
(production KUD Ponor, Anna Lindh Foundation)

Interactive theatre performance with the aim to raise awareness on the topic of immigration, the biopolitical and governmental power techniques engaged by the governments and the police in processing immigrants.

November 2012, Studio Vitkar

Street theatre show in Zalog at the URBAN FORUM ACUPUNCTURE – European CULBURB
(producer KUD C3, KUD Ponor – Bitnamuun, Anna Lindh Foundation)

The show aimed at triggering audience’s emotions and reactions to weird, goofy characters doing unusual things in Zalog – a suburb region of Ljubljana known to be home to many ex-Yugoslav immigrants, often seen by the majoritarian population as a notorious “ghettoized” neighbourhood. The show was a mixture of interactive situations between the audience and the characters/performers aiming at sensibilize the audience for cultural differences that exist amongst “Slovenians” and “non-Slovenians”.  

Performers/creators: Andreja Vezovnik, Alja Bulič, Tini Rozman, Tea Grahek, Ines Šimunić.

April, 2013, Zalog and Ljubljana

(production Kud Ponor – Bitnamuun, JSKD)

A dance performance that wants to explore what in dance and life seems to be existential, yet forgotten – i.e. the minimum unit of dance and movement – a step. This minimalist performance by four uniformed performers, followed by the analoguously live-created graphics made with an old-fashioned graphoscope serving as an important co-creator of the mise-en-scene and atmosphere, explores, how to “catch” the audience without unnecessary spectacles that seems to be the imperative of nowadays show business and everyday life.

Performers/creators: Andreja Vezovnik,Tini Rozman, Hana Alhady, Tea Grahek

Gallery Equrna, December 2014, Ljubljana

Choreography consulting: Jana Menger


(production Kud Ponor – Bitnamuun, JSKD)

Conceptually speaking Step is a continuation of Loop. It conceptually, visually and in terms of movement explores the basic unit of movement. The exploration of step reflects the social choreographies where the individual’s step is determined mostly by its social boundary and the risk when crossing it. When we cross, walk, run, run away we encounter with a arrogance of the system that sets the limits to life choreographies. What is therefore the limit of a step, what happens when the limit is crossed, can a step be free? The show Step is therefore two things: a performative exploration of the minimal unit of movement and a reflection of an ongoing disillusion about the freedom of movement.

*In September 2015 the so called “refugee crisis” happened also in Slovenia. This show is therefore dedicated to all those whose freedom of movement was banned. (post scriptum)

Performers/Creators: Tini Rozman, Manca Kaliman, Hana Alhady, Tea Grahek.

Choreography consulting: Jana Menger

Ljubljana, December 2015, Studio Vitkar

, feature-documentary film

The film explores the theme of migration and in contemporary society. Visually, it follows the journey of one young woman through several cities, combining it with voice-over of observations, reflections and theoretical discourse insights, contributed by interviewed women along her path – bringing into question the position and perception of the migrant both from the outside – sociological and the internal – psychological perspective. The film takes a very personal and instinctive reflection of contemporary migration enriched with dance interpretations from Bitnamuun dance group.

DIRECTOR: Miha Erman

CAST: Ines Šimunič, Hans Heckel, Mathieu Lecarpentier

PERFORMERS: Alja Bulič, Katja Florjanc, Tea Grahek, Kristina Rozman, Urša Rupnik, Andreja Vezovnik

NARRATOR: Mateja Rebolj

CAMERA: Miha Erman

MUSIC: E. Bergmann

CHOREOGRAPHY: members of the Bitnamuun group in collaboration with Jana Menger and Miha Erman



SUPPORTED BY: Anna Lindh Foundation, Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture, European Cultural Foundation STEP BEYOND, The Public Fund for Cultural Activities \(JSKD\, Municipality of Velenje


Year: 2013

Festival selections and Screenings: Festival of Migrant Film (FMF), Ljubljana, Kino Šiška; SEEfest: South East European Film Festival Los Angeles (North American Premiere); DOKUDOC: International Documentary Film Festival, Maribor; Festival of Slovenian Movies, Protorož; 2016 Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne, Avstralija; 2015 – University of Southern California, Institute for Visual History and Education, Los Angeles, ZDA (screening).