Anmck Audio RCA Kabel Hi-fi High End 2RCA, da Aux 3.5 mm Jack Stereo Aux RCA Audio Žice za Zvočnikov za Avto, iPhone 11 Huawei TV Box 5m

Oznake: 35 mm žica, zvočnik brezžični, rca, da, fiio aux cable, avto jack, rca vtič, accuphase ojačevalnik, earphon, avdio avto usb, audio jack splitter.

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Anmck Audio RCA Kabel Hi-fi High End 2RCA, da Aux 3.5 mm Jack Stereo Aux RCA Audio Žice Adapter za Zvočnike Avto, iPhone 11 Huawei Samsung Računalnik, TV Okno

  • Feature7: Rca aux kabel 3,5 mm / Rca avdio kabel 3,5 mm / rca audio kabel
  • Spol: Moški-Moški
  • Uporaba: Mikrofon, Večpredstavnostna, DVD predvajalnik, Televizija, Ojačevalnik, MP3 / MP4 Predvajalnik
  • Zunanji Premer: 3.5mm
  • Funkcija: Noben
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • Blagovna Znamka: Anmck
  • Pakiranje: Polybag
  • Certificiranje: CE
  • Feature2: kabel rca / rca jack avdio kabel / rca priključek aux kabel
  • Zaščita: Pletenic
  • Feature8: RCA 3.5 mm jack splitter / 2 rca 3,5 mm jack / kabel rca jack
  • Dolžina: 0.5m/1m/2m/3m/5m
  • Feature9: Kabel Rca audio / Rca kabel razdelilnik / rca 3,5 mm audio jack
  • Feature1: 3,5 mm Priključek Aux na 2 RCA Kabel / 3.5 jack na 2 RCA Kabel
  • Številka Modela: 3,5 mm na RCA Avdio kabel, Anmck 3.5 mm do 2 RCA Aux Avdio Kabel Razdelilnik
  • Feature4: 3.5 jack na 2 RCA aux splitter / jack rca kabel razdelilnik
  • Barve: Temno Črna
  • Feature5: 3.5 jack Rca kabel zvočnikov / 3.5 jack Rca zvočnika žice
  • Paket: Da,
  • Vrsta: AUX Kabli
  • Feature6: 3.5 jack Rca audio splitter / 3.5 jack Rca aux splitter
  • Feature3: 3.5 jack Rca razdelilno kabelsko / Rca jack razdelilno kabelsko
  • Priključek B: RCA, AUX, Oxyacid Free Copper
  • Snop: Snop 1
  • Priključek A: jack, AUX

Cable ordered for my 5.1 kit is compared to the original cable the sound is better and above all the cables give a feeling of high quality for a low price. They are very good cables, the only complaint I can make is that they are not sheathed.
thxs received
Excellent, correct packaging. The product itself is very qualitative I must admit, I did not expect this for such a ridiculous price! It does the job, no parasites, each plug is protected by a small plastic film, and it is rolled up and looped by a discreet scratch. Good stuff at cheap as it is quite rare to find it, it's nice! Thank you
I found out that I could hook up my iPhone to my car audio. All I needed was a cable like this.I got it within 10 days and it took a few minutes to install and configure the audio to accept an external auxiliary. The cable looks like a high quality kit and the sound quality is excellent.
Kennedy Kody
The best product to use when you need to connect your TV to a hi-fi system to create a home theater. 3.5mm jack of the cable connected to the headphone port of the television and the other two ends to the input of the hi-fi system. Works wonderfully.

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